Mel Gibson Tapes: How Will Daughter Lucia Deal Upon Hearing?


More audio has been released of Mel Gibson’s tapes of horrifying rants directed at ex Oksana Grigorieva. In this tape, Gibson essentially admits to hitting Grigorieva in the facing and breaking her teeth, telling her she deserved it when she brings up the attack. He also unleashes another unbelievable string of cusses, verbal attacks, and disturbing threats.

Through all of this, our thoughts turn to Gibson and Grigorieva’s baby daughter, Lucia. It’s bad enough Gibson’s seven other children (with ex-wife Robyn Moore) have to deal with their father’s outrageous behavior being the center of attention. But for Lucia, who has been right in the midst of Gibson’s attacks (Grigorieva mentions in the most recent tape that she was holding Lucia when Gibson hit her in the face), it will surely be absolutely devastating as she grows older and comes to understand the horror her father created.

It seems Grigorieva hasn’t been receiving child support from Gibson, either, a point she also makes in her conversation with him. Grigorieva insists she doesn’t care if she personally gets another penny, but fears for her daughter’s life.

This likely isn’t even the end of this debacle, and we can’t begin to imagine how traumatizing all of this will be for Lucia when she reaches an age of understanding.