Mel Gibson Wants A Paternity Test



In what I’d call a pretty definitive sign of Mel’s unending confidence and trust, he wants Oksana to agree to a paternity test, in order to assure that his fortune goes to the rightful heir…

And, of course, to make sure the huge reputation-wrecking  controversy that has engulfed the superstar and his family was all based on a lie.

“Mel really loves Oksana, but he’s a businessman, too. He really had no choice but to ask for a DNA test,” a source close [Mel] told the Enquirer.

[Mel] made the decision after speaking with friends and with the grown children he had with his estranged wife Robyn, the source divulged.

“Some of Mel’s closest friends in his church convinced him that it’s the practical thing to do. There’s just too much at stake,” the insider said.”

The evidence that Mel’s fairy tale relationship with Oksana is pretty much a PR sham is starting to pile up. If Mel’s so happy, why the boozing? Why the ranting and threats at church?

This latest bit of news hints at a grittier, less idealistic version of the story: Mel accidentally knocked up a Russian vocalist he was shacking up with and now she’s got him by the short and curlies.

I’m not so sure what to hope for in this situation, would it be better for Mel if the baby somehow wasn’t his? It might be more embarrassing, in a way, but it would be a lot better for his immense fortune.

Maybe Mel’s confidants are finally getting him to question the possibility that Oksana is a professional gold digger, moving from former 007 Timothy Dalton to former Sergeant Riggs, Mel Gibson.