Mel Gibson Wants DUI Incident Expunged


mel-gibson-signs-of-dementiaDespite the fact that the event was so publicized that no one could ever forget it, Mel Gibson’s attorney filed a request to have Mel’s DUI (that led to his anti-Semitic) rant expunged from his criminal record. In about a week, Mel’s lawyer will go in front of a Malibu judge and ask him to make that black mark disappear. My question: what’s the point?

Sure, the damage to his reputation has been done and all of that. The bigger issue seems to be that Mel seems to be back on the path towards another crazy meltdown.

Judging from his awkward appearance on The Jay Leno Show, Mel’s fallen off the wagon — or he’s just plain crazy. Not only that, but word has it that Mel’s extremely panicked over becoming a father again and things are not exactly going well with his baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva.

What I’m saying is, whether or not his record gets wiped clean, Mel’s got much bigger problems to worry these days (like the biggest divorce settlement in Hollywood history). He probably wished he could go back to driving drunk and making ethic slurs.