Mel Gibson — What Kind of Example Is He Setting For His Eight Kids?


Mel Gibson has proven to be not only a racist, a sexist, but pretty much a despicable human being… and a horrendous example for his eight, yes eight, kids. Father of the year he is not.

Being a star may led one to feeling entitled and beyond the laws of the land and moral conduct. And Mel, well he’s had lots of practice being powerful, rich and famous but apparently not much experience being decent human being…

Audio recordings – obtained by Radaronline -of Mel going off on his ex Oksana Grigorieva have been released.  His shocking rant begins with Mel talking about Oksana’s breastfeeding of their daughter (now eight months old) Lucia and then it just spirals out of control.  Its’ also been noted that in the tapes their baby can be heard crying in the background. L.A. County Sherriff’s Department is currently investigating domestic violence charges against Mel who allegedly physically attacked Oksana on several occasions including an instance where he supposedly punched her and knocked out several teeth.

One wonders what his ex wife —and mother to seven of his children had to endure during their near twenty years of marriage.

Thankfully he is finally feeling the consequences of his actions.  Not only are their legal ramifications of his recent taunts of abuse both physical and verbal to Oksana but his agency William Morris just dropped him. And any custody of baby Lucia, well it doesn’t look good for Mel.  Father material, even after having eight kids, he is not.