Mel Gibson's GF Has A Music Video



Following last week’s release of her single “Say My Name,” Oksana Grigorieva – the woman with Mel Gibson’s 8th child in her baby bump – has released her first ever music video.

We get a lot of Oksana’s face in the black and white video, but not much else. The fact that there’s only one location makes it seem a little thrown together. I’m not saying that it’s low quality or anything, but I’m not hearing a major radio hit here. What do you think?

I’m kinda guessing that both the video and the single were rushed out in order to capitalize on the overall Mel Gibson divorce scandal. It seems like they might be a little late.

Gossip about Mel’s landmark divorce and his pregnant girlfriend has been suspiciously quite over the past couple of weeks. Do you think that the rumors about Mel and Oksana fighting were part of a publicity stunt up to give her career a boost?