Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Gets No Child Support: Worst Dad Ever?


Ever since tapes suggesting Mel Gibson’s domestic violence toward ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva were released, there’s been even more doubt than usual that Gibson has any sort of compassion for others. Now it’s come out that Grigorieva, who is the mother of the pair’s daughter Lucia, is broke and not receiving any help from Gibson.

Clearly, Gibson has no care for Grigorieva or how she lives her life, but shouldn’t he at least be somewhat concerned about his daughter? In the tapes that were released, he did mention that he would take care of Lucia, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

Grigorieva claims Gibson is not contributing anything toward child support. “He is not paying me a penny. I am having to live on credit cards and borrowed money…It is not a good situation,” she has said.

Even worse: It seems Grigorieva signed a cohabitation agreement when pregnant with Lucia, that essentially prevents her from claiming any of Gibson’s many assets. Though Grigorieva is fighting the agreement, saying she never signed the final document necessary to make it official, we still doubt she’ll have any sort of easy time getting Gibson to take responsibility for his daughter.

In reality, nothing should shock us about Gibson’s lack of interest or care in his family, but, seriously? He can’t even take some part of his millions to help Lucia out? Mel Gibson may just be the worst father out there.