Mel Gibson's Predictable Reaction to Hangover 2 Firing: He's Pissed!


When looking at the history of his behavior, it is fair to characterize Mel Gibson as a decently rage-filled person. So really, it’s no surprise that his reaction to being canned from The Hangover 2 is anger.

“He doesn’t understand why Mike Tyson, a drug user [and convicted rapist, as points out] who turned his life around, was given a chance while Mel was kicked to the curb. Everybody deserves a second chance,” an inside source tells Page Six.

To add lemon juice to the wound, Mel has already been replaced. Liam Neeson, a guy with a generally spotless past will be taking over the cameo role of tattoo artist. He even poked a little fun at the situation, saying he would be joining “pending clearance of cast and crew background check.”

Liam better watch out for Mel-I am predicting crazy, insane, curse-fueled voice mails any day now.


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