Mel Gibson's Son Flees To Africa To Avoid Dad's "Humilation"


Mel Gibson hollding puppetThings are not going so well for Mel Gibson these days. Word has it that his son Will is getting the heck out of dodge because he is so embarrassed by the way his father’s been acting for the past few months. According to reports, Will has decided to become a missionary in Africa until this whole mess blows over.

All this, of course, comes from an anonymous insider source. From The National Enquirer:

“Will just had to get away from all the madness surrounding his family… (Will’s) appalled by the way Mel handled all his personal affairs — the divorce, the Russian mistress, her pregnancy and the humiliation of his mom. It was just too much for him.”

I’m sure it’s embarrassing to see your family unit’s collapse unfolding on tabloid covers, but I wonder if Will is really upset, or if this “source” is putting words in his mouth. Unlike Mel’s relationship with that golddig ahem, Oksana, the divorce between Mel and Robyn has remained fairly low-key and respectful.

You know Mel’s already not feeling too good about himself these days (that’s probably why he got all boozed up for his Leno appearance), but things don’t seem to be getting any better for the embattled actor/director.

Do you think Mel will ever get his groove back after all of this? Maybe after the baby is born, people will start to loose interest and the hype will crescendo.