Mel Has A Tough Time Unloading Mega Mansion



In case you’re wondering, now’s not a good time for selling pricey celebrity real estate with emotional baggage. Last week, Britney dropped the price of her her California home by $1.4M. Now, Mel Gibson the ranting, drinking, baby daddy is having to knock $10M off the asking price for his Connecticut estate.

With Mel’s upcoming divorce promising to reach historic financial proportions, I’m pretty sure he’s love to sell at least one of his Xanadus. Details about Mel’s stately pleasure dome:

“The property, which covers almost 16,000 sq ft, boasts 15 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, a tennis court, a private pond, a landscaped circular driveway and a soaring cathedral ceiling.

The grounds, which were created by landscape designer James Doyle, include formal gardens and a maze. There is also a terrace pool, greenhouse, stable, staff houses and log cabin on the property.”

Mel’s also got to be thinking ahead about Oksana and the chance that she could be getting ready to take a stab at the Mel Gibson fortune (estimated at over $1B).

If those paternity tests come back positive, Mel’s baby mama (possible next ex-Mrs. Gibson?) might get her tentacles wrapped around Mel’s purse strings.