Melanie Chisholm Was Out Clubbing with Eliza Doolittle! (Photos)

Melanie Chisholm


Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm “Mel C,” was spotted leaving Groucho night-club at nearly 2 a.m. in London.

Melanie left her daughter 3-year-old Scarlet Starr at home! Also seen leaving the club was English singer Eliza Doolittle, who wore a sheer top despite it being a chilly winter night.

Melanie who is 38 and Eliza Doolittle who is 24 seem to be a few years a part in hanging at a club! But, all the better to hang out with different kinds of friends!

I recently took a trip with friends who were almost 8 years younger and they definitely had more energy then I did, but it kept me going!

Check out the photos below!

  • Melanie Chisholm 1 of 8
    Melanie Chisholm
    Melanie Chisholm, AKA Mel C of the Spice Girls, is seen leaving Groucho nightclub!
  • The Look! 2 of 8
    The Look!
    Mel is out and black is her color of the night! High heels, jacket with matching trousers, and purse!
  • The Time! 3 of 8
    The Time!
    It is nearly 2:00 AM. Way to go mama! I can't remember when I was out that late!
  • Happy! 4 of 8
    Melanie is looking very happy and healthy!
  • Music! 5 of 8
    I need to start catching up on Melanie's tunes!
  • Sweater? 6 of 8
    That sweater is not really club wear! Right?
  • Eliza Doolittle! 7 of 8
    Eliza Doolittle!
    Eliza looks like she had a nice night out!
  • The Look! 8 of 8
    The Look!
    English singer Eliza Doolittle is hanging with Melanie! who wore a sheer top despite it being a chilly winter night.

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast News)
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