Melanie Griffith Is Out Of Rehab


melanie-griffiths-rehabAfter more than two months of “focusing on staying healthy”, Melanie Griffith has checked out of rehab.  The good news is, she looks great!

Melanie was seen leaving Mr. Chow, the upscale Beverly Hills restaurant, on Tuesday.  Obviously she is no longer staying at the Cirque Lodge in Utah.  She didn’t say much to the paparazzi outside the restaurant, except for “thank you” when told she looked great and “of course” when asked if she and Antonio Banderas were madly in love.

This wraps up the actress’s third trip to rehab since 1988.  Her rep described the most recent stint as “part of a routine plan that was designed between her and her doctors years ago.”

Only in Hollywood do mommies incorporate rehab into their routine health and wellness plan.



Photo source: Photo Agency