Melissa Etheridge: "The Children Come First"


Mother of four Melissa Etheridge and her partner of nine years Tammy Lynn Michaels recently called it quits, but as Etheridge told Oprah Winfrey on her “Fridays Live” segment today, Tammy will always be in her life.  The ex-couple have twins, Miller and Johnnie Rose, born in 2006. It sounds, from Etheridge’s perspective at least, that neither party harbors ill will about the breakup and will be equally responsible for caring for the kids.

“We share two children,” Etheridge said, adding that she and Tammy are co-parenting them. “The children come first.”  She said that the split was “as mutual as those things can be.”

Etheridge, who also has two children — Bailey, 13, and Beckett, 11, with Julie Cypher — said her battle with cancer put things into perspective. Life, she said, “is about growth.”


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