Melissa Etheridge's Ex Wants Full Custody


In the ongoing battle to end the partnership between singer Melissa Etheridge and former domenstic partner Tammy Lynn Michaels, it’s been determined Michaels is seeking full legal and physical custody of the couple’s three-year-old twins.

According to TMZ, Michaels filed papers in the L.A. County Superior Court to get the ball rolling and hopefully be the sole guardian of children Johnnie and Miller. She is also hoping to get spousal support from Etheridge.

The two became domestic partners in August 2005 (when it wasn’t legal for them to marry), and Etheridge filed for dissolution of their domestic partnership–both claiming irreconcilable differences–on July 2. When she submitted her papers, the singer did express intentions to get joint custody of their children.

It looks like this could be a very long ongoing battle between the two. Think the kids will suffer from their parents fighting over them? Should Etheridge get at least joint custody of her kids?


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