Melissa Gorga: Cute Family Alert Amidst the Craziness (Photos)

Melissa Gorga's Daughter Antonia
Melissa Gorga's Daughter Antonia

On Sunday the second part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey aired, and of course there was drama, drama and more drama. One of the big revelations was that Melissa Gorga is looking to move her family away from Teresa Giudice’s family. The Gorga home in Montville N.J.has been on the market for a while now and although the Melissa and Teresa’s kids love each other, Melissa said that, “I don’t want my kids going to school with her kids.” She’s concerned that Teresa’s daughters could gang up on her daughter Antonia.

But even though there is drama on the show and drama with Teresa, Melissa should remember that she has a beautiful family, one that is there to love and support her.

Check out some of these lovely recent family photos here…so cute!

  • New Toys 1 of 8
    New Toys
    Looks like the kids got some new toys! A little Monster High and Marvel. Melissa tweeted, "Are these the cutest things you've ever seen or what?!"
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  • Time for Work 2 of 8
    Time for Work
    Joe tweeted this adorable photo of little Joey on a job site with his dad. He wrote, "Little Joey at work with daddy.
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  • Bar Time 3 of 8
    Bar Time
    Joe enjoyed a little dad time at the bar decked out in his Yankees gear.
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  • Kissy Kissy 4 of 8
    Kissy Kissy
    Joe gets a little love from his lady.
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  • Melissa & DJ Whoo Kid 5 of 8
    Melissa & DJ Whoo Kid
    Melissa & DJ Whoo Kid hanging out. Yeah, she looks great!
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  • Nail Time 6 of 8
    Nail Time
    "Pizza & manicures after school today;.)" That so girly...and yummy!
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  • With Akon 7 of 8
    With Akon
    Melissa and Joe have a new friend...Akon!
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  • On the Links 8 of 8
    On the Links
    Joe tweeted, "tigerwoods watch here I'm come!" Yeah, he's ambitious!
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Photo: Twitter