Melissa Gorga is the Devil! Well, on Halloween That Is (Photos)


Melissa Gorga had a red hot costume for Halloween. She may have had her whole look ready to go for the big day, but due to Hurricane Sandy, this Real Housewife of New Jersey wasn’t able to get all dolled up. While the power was out in their home and they were dealing with a lack of heat, the family spent Halloween night bundled up in in sweaters and jacket instead of their killer costumes.

But fortunately for us, we still got to see their costumes since they took family photos before the holiday (and before Hurricane Sandy blew through their state).

Check out Melissa Gorga, her hubby and their kids right here:

  • The Family 1 of 5
    The Family
    The Gorga family all dressed up. How cute are they? "We didn't get to trick or treat but we took pics before #sandy Happy Belated Halloween!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Antonia 2 of 5
    Melissa's daughter looks adorable! "Antonia is evil ivy..."
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Bundled Up! 3 of 5
    Bundled Up!
    Poor kids! Melissa tweeted this photo on Halloween saying, "My babies are chilly..."
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • The Hair 4 of 5
    The Hair
    A cute tweet to her hubby saying, "Hey @joegorga I have a surprise for you... Your fav! No electric = curly hair"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Hot Devil 5 of 5
    Hot Devil
    Melissa makes quite a hot devil doesn't she?!?
    Photo Source: Twitter

Photos: Via Twitter