Melissa Gorga: Why Is She Making Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Jog With Her?

Antonia Gorga and her dad Joe

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Melissa Gorga was conveniently snapped going out for a jog over the weekend by the paparazzi and while it’s great that she’s taking care of herself, there were a few oddities about her so-called work-out.

The hopeful chart topper was dressed in nothing but a sports bra and yoga pants, which would have been great if she were in Florida, and not freezing cold New Jersey. She was also snapped with full make-up on (because?) jogging alongside her 5-year-old daughter, Antonia.

While her daughter did look cute in a pink sweat top, black leggings and her iPod, since when did little 5-year-old girls jog with their moms? Shouldn’t Antonia have been at home playing with her brothers rather than pretend-jogging with her mom on this obviously staged photo-op?

Check out the photos of Melissa and Antonia jogging here and tell us what you think. This blogger here feels that Melissa might be pointing her daughter in the wrong direction. While it’s great to promote a healthy lifestyle, no 5-year-old girl should be encouraged to jog to stay thin.

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