Melissa Joan Hart Dishes On Babies, What's For Dinner And Her New Love Of... (Photos)

Melissa Joan Hart unviels newborn son Tucker

Melissa Joan Hart just welcomed newborn son Tucker, 5 weeks ago.  Today she is introducing Tucker to us for the very first time, sharing his birth story, telling us her secrets on getting the older kids to eat and a little scoop on her hit show Melissa and Joey!

Melissa has also teamed up with Merck to announce the “Once Upon a Birth” campaign to raise awareness for maternal health, as every woman deserves a safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Unfortunately though, that is not always the case as every day 800 women around the world, including the U.S., die during pregnancy and childbirth and the majority of these are preventable.

Tell me about the Merck for Mothers Once Upon a Birth campaign.  Merck for Mothers’ “Once Upon a Birth” campaign celebrates the moment when a woman becomes a mom. It’s an amazing feeling when you hold your child for the first time but, sadly, 800 women die every day from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth and don’t get to experience holding their child.  As part of the “Once Upon a Birth” campaign we’re asking that people share their birth story and for every person who does share their birth story on Merck for Mothers’ Facebook page, money will go to a Join My Village, a program from CARE that empowers women and girls and supports safe pregnancies and deliveries.

Why did you get involved with this program?  I am so lucky to have had three healthy pregnancies and deliveries. I’ve partnered with Merck on the “Once Upon a Birth” campaign because I want all women to be able to say the same. I can’t believe that — even with all the medical advancements and technology available today — many women still die during childbirth, even in the United States. Ninety percent of deaths due to pregnancy and childbirth are preventable so we have to do something.

Do you need to have children to share your birth story?  No! For every birth, there’s a story to be told. For example my sister was in the room for Tucker’s birth so she has a different version of his birth story to share. Everyone should consider sharing a story because each one triggers a donation from Merck to Join My Village.

To Find out some  Juicy scoop please check out the photos below!

  • Can you share Tuckers birth story with us? 1 of 7
    Can you share Tuckers birth story with us?
    Tucker was born on a stormy day with hurricane-like weather! But, that didn't stop me from taking a long walk on the beach with Mark, my mom and my sister to help my labor along. I was a mess when I got to the hospital with wind-blown hair and muddy feet, but all that really mattered was that we both were kept healthy and safe. Fortunately, I was in the hands of good doctors and my husband! This time around he helped deliver Tucker from head to toe, which made this birth story extra special for us.
  • How can my readers get involved in the program? 2 of 7
    How can my readers get involved in the program?
    Your readers can check out the Merck for Mothers Facebook page  and share their story on the "Once Upon a Birth" section of the page. Reading through the personal stories on the page, it is amazing how many women here in the United States have experienced complications with their own deliveries, including some of my close friends. I really encourage people to read them all to learn about how this issue is affecting women just like you and I.
  • What is your favorite thing to make for the kids? 3 of 7
    What is your favorite thing to make for the kids?
    My kids beg me almost every night for dinosaur chicken fingers and they win out about twice a week. But every once in a while I bake a lasagna and nickname it "flat pasta" to get them to eat it. I tend to nickname foods to get my kids to eat it. For example, we call edamame "green balls" and lentil soup "stone soup."
  • What is your funniest Joey Lawrence story? 4 of 7
    What is your funniest Joey Lawrence story?
    When we're on set and I deliver a joke with an expressive face and Joey laughs then I know I've done my job
  • What is your funniest story working on Melissa & Joey? 5 of 7
    What is your funniest story working on Melissa & Joey?
     Before each Friday night live show we get together in the hallway backstage and have a pep talk and "high five time." Joey is typically the last one out of his room so we wait for him armed with Nerf guns and give him a warm welcome.
  • If you could work with any actor who would it be? 6 of 7
    If you could work with any actor who would it be?
    Johnny Depp. He is brilliant, handsome and seems like a lot of fun.
  • What is your guilty pleasure? 7 of 7
    What is your guilty pleasure?
    These days it's Oreo cookies. Somehow I've just discovered them and now I'm obsessed.

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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