Melissa Joan Hart Flashes Back to Clarissa Explains It All

clarissa explains it all
Melissa Joan Hart: Clarissa is all grown up!

She might be the star of Melissa & Joey now, but for those of us who knew her back when, we’ll always think of Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa or Sabrina. Even Sookie on this week’s True Blood mentioned Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch were fun and mostly wholesome shows for tweens back in the 90s. Can you believe that Clarissa actually premiered over 20 years ago now?  It’s back on tv, thanks to Nick at Night. And even the star of the show is excited.

Last night, Melissa Joan Hart tweeted “Hey all you Clarissa Lovers out there, check out #clarissaexplainsitALL tonight on Teen Nick 12am-2am. (or TiVo it like me& watch tmrw)”

The show isn’t on when a new generation of tweens can enjoy it, but that’s what tivo/dvrs are for!

What show from the 90s do you want to watch again?

Photo: PCN

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