Melissa Joan Hart Is Just Like Us, With Better Lunch


melissa-joan-hartMelissa Joan Hart is a busy mom and wife whose life seems pretty normal by celebrity parent standards.  The former Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star is juggling motherhood, marriage and work, just like the rest of us.

Melissa and her family of four recently moved to the East Coast, but her recent appearance on Dancing With The Stars had her back in California, adding to the household juggle.

“It’s a crazy house right now,” Melissa said at a recent luncheon in Beverly Hills. “I’ve spent a total of five weeks back at home, so we’re still living out of boxes, but the boys are lovin’ it. They’ve made friends, they’re running around wild and having fun. Daddy’s a little frazzled, but everything else is good.”

Daddy, also known as husband of six years Mark Wilkerson, sounds like he’s a lot of help with the couple’s two boys, but he shouldn’t be expecting any date nights as reward when Melissa gets home.

“We actually prefer date lunches,” the actress said. “Date nights, we’re always tired, and we figure if the kids are in bed then we’re just wasting our time, so we really like lunches. We get the nanny to come over and we go out to lunch and have a blast.”

I’m resisting the urge to insert a joke containing the word ‘nooner’ in here.