Melissa Joan Hart - It's Hard To Leave The Boys


melissa-joan-hart_dwts_masonMelissa Joan Hart says it’s so hard. It’s hard to leave her boys when she goes to work. She is currently working on “Dancing With The Stars” and says she doesn’t like to leave her boys.

She said, “It’s emotional to leave my kids. Now I’m gone for a little over a week and then they’ll come see me for a week and then they’ll be gone for two weeks, and so on and so forth until the end.”

“Of course my husband is going to be TiVo-ing me on TV so they can watch and see what Mommy’s doing.And they’re going to be coming out [to California] a lot.”

I don’t watch “Dancing With The Stars” so I don’t know how she’s doing. Is she light on her feet?

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