Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence All Grown Up


Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are set to return to their sitcom roots on ABC Family Channel in the new sitcom aptly titled Melissa & Joey.

The premise of the show brings the duo back the sitcoms of the ’90’s with Melissa Joan Hart playing ‘Mel’,  a former wild child of a political family who is now entering a political career herself.  Her life takes a turn when her sister winds up in prison and her brother-in-law takes a hike, Mel finds herself responsible for raising her niece and nephew. Of course, Mel can’t handle it all herself so she hires a manny, ‘Joe’, played by Joey Lawrence.  A little bit Who’s the Boss, a little bit Charles in Charge, a whole lotta funny.

“It has the humor of a show like Two and a Half Men,” Hart tells Parade magazine.  “It’s a little dirty, a little racy, a little grown-up.  you shouldn’t let your 8-year-old see it.”

These two former child stars of the ’90s have beat the odds with no arrests or stints in rehab attached  to their names. 

The duo has a proven track record with ABC Family after the hugely successful film My Fake Fiance set a ratings record for the network.

Catch Melissa & Joey when it premieres tonight at 8 / 7 C on ABC Family.