Melissa Joan Hart Shares Her Best Mommy Moment



Melissa Joan Hart's Best Mommy Moment
Melissa cherishes the simple things.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things…even for celebrity moms.

As mothers, we all know it’s not the big events or milestones that are always the most memorable. Sometimes, it’s the everyday things that mothers cherish. Melissa Joan Hart agrees.

In a recent interview with, Melissa spoke what she treasures most about being a mother.

When asked what her greatest joy is so far with motherhood, she said:

My three-year-old, every morning he won’t get out of bed and he just touches my face and goes “Mommy.” It’s those little moments and those little hands and feet. And my five-year-old is in Little League. It’s amazing to see him out there lookin’ around when the ball comes and going, “Now what do I do?” It’s such fun.

What was your favorite mommy moment?


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