Melissa & Joey Season 1 Episode 2: Melissa Joan Hart Raps (VIDEO)


melissa joan hartYou knew Melissa Joan Hart was talented, but did you know she could rap? On “Melissa & Joey” season 1 episode 2 last night, the former “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” star and mom of two showed off her rhyming ability when her character’s former sorority sister showed up and they performed their sorority mantra.

Wonder what’s harder: Acting alongside a talking cat (check), twirling on “Dancing with the Stars” (check), or keeping a straight face while pumping out lyrics like this: “We party so hard sometimes we end up in the slamma’. … Tri Gamma, yo, yo! Tri Gramma, yo, yo! … Suck it!”

To see for yourself how Melissa Joan did, keep reading.

Here’s the video. Our only disappointment? Co-star Joey Lawrence didn’t pop up at the end with a signature “Whoa!”

Photo: ABC Family