Melissa Leo SHOCKER! Won Best Supporting Actress Against All the Odds!


On all the lists of people making their Oscar predictions, who was on the very bottom of the list? Melissa Leo. No one, and I mean no one thought she would win. And for one reason, and it had nothing to do with her amazing acting and her stunning talents. Why did everyone put her down at the bottom of the list?

The main reason people thought she had no chance was that she had her own personal ad campaign. She opted not to have the studio or the makers of the movie do her Oscar push for her, she went rogue and took matters into own hands. Her adds didn’t mention the film The Fighter but just said “consider” featuring some very glam shots of the actress. Many thought this was a tacky move on her part and thought it ruined her chances with those last minute Oscar voters. But it looks like her performance rose above the Oscar promotion craziness and that her work is what got her the award not the ads.

And she seemed totally in shock she won as well. She was “speechless” and even let out the F-word.

Do you think she deserved to win?