Melissa McCarthy Opens 'SNL': Tells Her Kids To Get To Bed! (Video)


melissa mccarthy, saturday night live, bridesmaids
'Bridesmaids' actress Melissa McCarthy opened 'Saturday Night Live' on October 1.


Bridesmaids star and Emmy Award winner Melissa McCarthy hosted this Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live and she was hysterical from the very beginning. She even told her kids to go to bed as she was prepared to get inappropriate!

“I’d like to say goodnight to my two kids, Viv and Georgie. Go to bed now, ’cause mama’s about to get pretty inappropriate. Seriously, Grandma, get them out of the room,” she said, referring to her four- and one-year-old daughters. “They’re still getting over the sink scene from Bridesmaids. You know, night terrors. It’s not pretty.”

Take a look at the video of her opening monologue below!



[Photo via PR Photos.]