Melissa Rycroft: 'Bachelor Pad' Drama is "Unreal"


The Bachelor alum and new Bachelor Pad host (plus newlywed and freshly prego almost-mom) Melissa Rycroft has a few things to say about the spin-off of the romance-making hit. Rycroft, who spun her own Bachelor experience into a TV career got to sit back and watch the goings-on of all the former contestants on this new show that stuck a bunch of singles in an LA mansion.

Though Rycroft admitted it was at times awkward to be hosting while her former castmates were in the house competing for the grand prize, overall she found it a great experience–and definitely entertaining. “You know exactly what’s happening and you get to sit back and watch,” she said of being on the other side. And there was definitely a lot to watch.

“I didn’t think you could get more drama from a show than you already get from The Bachelor and Bachelorette and in watching this whole progression that is Bachelor Pad, the drama is unreal,” Rycroft told“From romances and breakups and hookups and alliances being made and broken, and competition and eliminating each other off, emotions are just running crazy.”

So why did Rycroft, who seems to be pretty settled in her own love life with husband Tye Strickland–and beyond all this TV drama–decide to return to the mansion where she both found and lost love? She has her reasons. “I look at where my life is now and I owe not only my professional life but my personal life to The Bachelor,” she explained. “I don’t think my husband and I would have been on the path that we were on if we hadn’t had the whole Bachelor fiasco happen.”

And, for the record, if Rycroft weren’t married with a baby on the way, she would absolutely be one of those high-drama contestants on Bachelor Pad. “I would go on Bachelor Pad because you’ve got nothing to lose,” she said. “Best-case scenario, you have romance and you have money at the end. Worst-case scenario, you had a great time with friends and you got to play some fun challenges and then you go home.”


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