Melissa Rycroft GMA: Baby Ava Photos, Plus Belly Cast Parties! (Video)

Melissa Rycroft's baby, Ava
Melissa Rycroft's baby, Ava

Have you ever done a belly cast project? New celeb mom Melissa Rycroft reports for GMA on belly cast parties (video) and shares photos of three month-old Ava, who is “getting really big, really quickly.”

Belly casts are a new trend that celebrates your pregnancy in a unique way. Celeb moms including Kelly Ripa, Brooke Shields and Kendra Wilkinson have all done belly casts to capture their third trimester bump.

In the Good Morning America clip, Rycroft takes part in a belly cast party, and shares the plaster process to make a mold of your pregnant belly.

How to Make a Pregnancy Belly Cast

1. Rub belly with Vaseline.
2. Dip plaster strips in water and place across the belly – apply at least three layers for best results.
3. Let dry 20 minutes.
4. Remove cast.

Melissa Rycroft shares more photos of her baby at the end of the segment – baby Ava looks nothing like mom!

You can get your own belly cast at a spa or have a friend help with the project. sells pregnancy belly cast kits and has examples of the creative pregnancy project that can be quite artistic.

I have friends that have had the casting process done and it’s really a great keepsake from pregnancy.

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