Melissa Rycroft Shares Ava's Baby Photo on Twitter

melissa rycroft baby photo ava twitter
Melissa Rycroft shares baby photo on Twitter

Awww… Melissa Rycroft took to Twitter to share a photo of baby Ava – and she is adorable!

Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft tweeted the baby pic of Ava Grace Strickland on Tuesday, writing, “My little Sooner” with a link to a picture of sweet baby Ava dressed in a “Little Sooner” onesie.

Melissa Rycroft has been using Twitter to keep fans in the know about motherhood, tweeting about Ava’s baby bikini yesterday: “Ava and I went on a shopping spree today…Think we should hide this from Dad…Don’t think he would be too happy about the triangle top…!! What?!? I couldn’t help it!!

It’s not all fun times though, as Melissa shared on March 31: “Oyyy….only got 2 hours of sleep last night…think Ava was mad at me…”

Ahhh… motherhood!

Other celebrity parents who have recently shared baby and pregnancy happenings on Twitter include Alyssa Milano, James Van Der Beek and Pink!

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