Melissa Rycroft Talks Baby Names and 'Bachelor Pad'


It’s funny how much can change in just over a year.  In March 2009, Melissa Rycroft was publicly dumped by Bachelor Jason Mesnick on ABC’s special After the Final Rose.

Today, Rycroft is happily married to her husband Tye Strickland and they are awaiting the arrival of their first child.  Rycroft has also had success as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and as an upcoming co-host of ABC’s Bachelor Pad.  Amidst her flourishing career, Rycroft has yet to have any peculiar cravings and has not even thought about a baby name.

“I don’t know. I haven’t even thought about it yet,” she laughed.

The couple’s baby is due in February.  As for Bachelor Pad which premieres Monday (Aug. 9), Rycroft said, “Unfortunately, you have to laugh at a lot of the stuff that goes on in the house.  When you’re confined for that long and you’re living with 19 people, I think it’s kind of natural that you start to go a little stir crazy. You kind of act on impulse and speak on impulse and [there are] some really good moments.”

I have a feeling ABC’s spinoff series is going to draw big numbers.  Romance, minimal clothing, and backstabbing?  What more can you ask for?