Melissa Rycroft Talks Pregnancy Cravings


The Bachelor alum and host of ABC’s new show Bachelor Pad Melissa Rycroft recently announced she’s expecting her first child with husband Tye Strickland. But shortly after all the happy statements and messages, Rycroft is getting real about her pregnancy–and the cravings that go along with it.

“I’ve been craving foods I can’t have,” she said. “All my body wants is sushi right now and I can’t have that so I’m trying to make do. I’m eating for one and a prune right now.” The TV host is expecting her baby in the winter, and has already taken the first step toward preparing for a family: She and Strickland bought their first house together, which they will move into shortly.

“A lot of life changes going on right now–some scary, some exciting. Everything is wonderful and life is exactly as it should be,” she said. So, once Rycroft has her first child, we wonder if she’ll continue hosting shows full of debauchery, like Bachelor Pad promises to be–or if she’ll settle down and try to have a calmer life.

Do you think Rycroft will stay the Hollywood route?