Mel's Rep Confirms The Arrival Of Baby Lucia


mel-gibson-oksana-babyThis morning, rumors flooded the interweb that Mel and Oksana’s daughter had been born on Friday and — bucking the trend of celebrity hoaxes — they actually turned out to be true. On Monday afternoon, a Mel Gibson representative confirmed that Mel is now Octo-Mel. His new daughter’s name is Lucia.

Here’s the jubilant statement issued by Mel’s rep, full of juicy details:

“Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson welcomed the arrival of a baby girl named Lucia on Friday, Oct. 30, at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. No further details are available at this time.”

Wow, thank you for that. Can’t you just feel the love and excitement?

I guess we can assume that Mel was at the hospital for the birth of his 8th child, Oksana’s 2nd? There have certainly been questions as to the true status of Mel’s relationship with Oksana.

Word has it that the December due date was fudged to make it look like Mel and Oksana we’re getting it on during the time Mel was still living with his soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn.

There are also some theories that Mel’s people are working to make it seem like he and Oksana are a serious couple, when in fact they were pretty much a fling with a baby attached… Who knows?

Either way, congratulations guys!