Memo to "Teen Mom" Kail Lowry: Don't Stress About Potty Training!

kail and isaacTeen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry recently took to  Twitter to vent about a parenting dilemma she’s having with three-year-old son: “Having a hard time potty training. Isaac will only go on the potty if we’re home & he’s naked. We obviously can’t do that if we’re out.”

She was probably expecting some sound advice and reassurance from moms who’d been there. Alas, what she got was grief.

Right away, two of her followers expressed shock and disapproval that Kailyn hasn’t gotten her child out of diapers by now – as if she were guilty of some Cardinal Mom Sin, and as if it were any of their business to begin with.

If anything, those tweeters are the guilty ones for perpetuating the myth that there’s a “magic age” for toilet teaching. The day after Junior blows out the candles on his second birthday cake, Mom is expected to bring out the potty chair, the training chart and the perky “I’m a big kid!” books. Then, after an intensive regimen of scheduled bathroom trips, sticker rewards and trial runs with underwear, Junior is expected to be trained by two and a half. A month or two of wiggle room is acceptable, but if the child is still in diapers past his third birthday, Mom is clearly doing something wrong.

Two words: Puh. Leeze.

Children are individuals, and each one goes at his or her own developmental pace when it comes to walking, talking and using the toilet. Some kids can’t wait to get out of pull-ups, while others are slower to recognize their body signals – or just too busy playing to bother rushing to the bathroom on time.

There’s a wide range of “normal” when it comes to toilet training, and at three, little Isaac fits into that range just fine. He may be more comfortable trying out his new skills at home right now, but in a month or two, he’ll probably work up the courage to use the restroom at McDonald’s or at a friend’s house. Even after he does become a potty pro, there may be accidents and regression – especially since he and Kail will be moving out of state soon. (Her husband, new Air Force airman Javi Marroquin, just got his new station assignment.)

So Kail, take it from me, the mom of two (!) late-trained kids: Don’t let the pottier-than-thou moms get you down. Let Isaac set the pace, and don’t try to rush him – it’s his body, after all. And if he takes a little longer than his peers to graduate to big-boy pants for good, so what? By the time he’s five or six, you’ll wonder what all the worry was about.

[Photo: via Instagram]

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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