Mensa Club Members: Celebrities Who Are REALLY Smart, Yes, Smarter Than You


When you think of those who pretend to be other people for a living, you don’t usually think “genius,” but there are a handful of actors and actresses who are so smart that they are Mensa club members!

Check out these mensa clubbers from an Oscar winner to a porn star to one of the kids on Modern FamilyM

Geena Davis – Yes, she may have starred in Earth Girls Are Easy but don’t let that fool you. Geena Davis is fluent in Swedish, she has an IQ around 140 and also is quite good at archery. Not only is she well rounded but she’s uber smart.

Asia Carrera – You may not be familiar with the name Asia Carrera, but if you dig the porn, you’d know her name. She’s a super star of the adult film industry and apparently a super smart one at that. She started in the adult entertainment game when she started striping while attending Rutgers. Her IQ – she says – has tested at 154 and 156.

Jodie Foster – Proving that being a child actress doesn’t have to ruin you, Jodie Foster showed she was not just super talented but super smart.

Nolan Gould – The seemingly dim-witted son Luke Dunphy on Modern Family isn’t just a Mensa club member he’s just a little kid!

Glenne Headly – The actress who starred in Monk, ER and the likes of Mr. Holland’s Opus can speak not just French and Spanish but she’s fluent in American Sign Language too.

Julie Peterson – In the 1980’s Julie Peterson was a Playboy bunny but went on to start her own chiropractic practice and has a radio show for CNN called “Health Watch.” Beauty and brains.

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