Mercy To Madonna -Mama, I'm Coming Home



4-year-old Mercy is coming home today. She’s taking a private jet to Johannesburg where she will be met by someone in Madonna’s entourage and then flown to New York to join the rest of her new family.

Where has she been the last couple of months, hiding in the lap of luxury. She’s been living with the co-ordinator of Raising Malawi, Lois Silo. Mercy has been well taken care between the court dates, she’s had a nanny, chef, teachers and most of all a home where all her needs were able to be met.

Congratulations Madonna, I hope your family is very happy and if you decide to adopt again, please try to do it without so much drama. It’s not good for the kids.


June 12th, 2009 at 4:30 pm

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