Meredith Vieira Today Show Goodbye: Vieira's Today Show Style (Photos)

Meredith Vieira today show goodbye
Meredith Vieira Today Show styles

We’re sad to see Meredith Vieira’s Today show goodbye, but wish her the very best on her next adventure. The Meredith Vieira Today show farewell was touching and fun, including a full staff and crew production of “Don’t Stop Believin” that included Abe Vigoda and Jimmy Fallon!

Through her five years on the Today show, Meredith Vieira has always been in top fashion form, so let’s take a look at some of our favorite Vieira style photos from her time on Today.

There have been a lot of black and red suits over the years, and Vieira’s style has been mostly conservative, but we’ve always appreciated the sexy shoes and boots she’s worn on the morning program, including those gorgeous peep toe shoes at left.

Christian Louboutin boots:

Meredith Vieira Today show
Meredith Vieira Today Show style

Tall boots:

Meredith Vieira Today show boots
Meredith Vieira Today Show: boots!

While Meredith Vieira has worn a range of colors during her run on the Today show, we love her in blue!

Meredith Vieira Today show blue dress
Meredith Vieira in blue

Blue… and boots again!

Meredith Vieira boots
Meredith Vieira a vision in blue (and boots again!)

Vieira’s many Halloween costumes at Today have been silly and fun, but we’re partial to her 2010 Lady Gaga costume!

Meredith Vieira Today show Lady Gaga
Meredith Vieira Today show Lady Gaga costume

This photo may be more about George Clooney than Meredith, but we love the criss-cross gray top she has on. And Clooney ain’t too shabby, either!

Meredith Vieira Today show George Clooney
Meredith Vieira Today show with George Clooney

But, back to Meredith Vieira! Check out this video for a look back at Meredith through the years on the Today show, including her many styles.

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