Meredith Viera Happy At Home After 'Today' Show Exit

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Meredith Viera covers the September 2011 issue of 'Good Housekeeping.'

She said goodbye to her Today show family and fans, and in the September issue of Good Housekeeping, on newsstands August 16, Meredith Vieira opens up about her decision to leave the show and talks about rediscovering her marriage.

On her decision to leave the Today show, to spend more time with her husband, Richard Cohen, who has multiple sclerosis: “I knew for a while that I was leaning [toward leaving]; my gut was telling me that it was time to go. Family and health factored into my decision, but it’s not like Richard is taking some turn for the worse. . . . I was more leaving because he’s healthy. So why not while we are able to enjoy life?  He has secondary-progressive MS; we don’t know what’s going to happen. Every year, it’s a little bit worse. On the other hand, he’s doing great compared to a lot of people. And he’s certainly selfsufficient. I mean, the idea that I’m nursing him is ridiculous.”

On rediscovering her marriage: “There’s a dance to relationships, and we had been doing a little bit of the dancing side by side but not together. Now, we’re back together, and we’ve got to figure out the rhythm of that dance. That kind of reconnecting is really important.”

On her anxieties: “This might be a Type A—personality trait, but I never felt good enough about myself. I could be better at this, I could be better at that. I could look better. My work could be better. . . . I feel I always have to work harder, I have to impress all the time. Impress whom? With what? People say, “Just be yourself.” Well, my anxiety is that people aren’t going to want that.”

For the full story, click here or pick up the September issue of Good Housekeeping, on newsstands August 16.

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