Metta World Peace?!? 25 Other Celebrities Who Changed Their Names!


Demi Moore's Real Name?


Celebrities change a lot of things about themselves. Their wardrobe, their hair color, and sometimes the make even bigger more substantial changes they change their names.

Many legally do a name switch to have their moniker more media friendly. Others like Ron Artest, they change their name to Metta World Peace, yeah, pretty wacky.  Most change just one name, others shorten what they have already, and others just totally change it all together.

So what celebrity parents have changed their names? Check out these 25 super star moms and dads and what their real names are right here!

Plus what’s Demi Moore’s real Name?Demi Moore’s real name is…. Demetria Gene Guynes!

Check out the rest here:

  • Jon Stewart 1 of 25
    Jon Stewart
    Real Name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
  • Tina Fey 2 of 25
    Tina Fey
    Real Name: Elizabeth Stamatina Fey
  • Meg Ryan 3 of 25
    Meg Ryan
    Real Name: Margaret Hyra
  • Jodie Foster 4 of 25
    Jodie Foster
    Real Name: Alicia Christian Foster
  • Jamie Foxx 5 of 25
    Jamie Foxx
    Real Name: Eric Bishop
  • Alicia Keys 6 of 25
    Alicia Keys
    Real Name: Alicia Cook
  • Shania Twain 7 of 25
    Shania Twain
    Real Name: Eileen Regina Edwards
  • Marie Osmond 8 of 25
    Marie Osmond
    Real Name: Olive Osmond
  • Bret Michaels 9 of 25
    Bret Michaels
    Real Name: Bret Sychak
  • Jenna Elfman 10 of 25
    Jenna Elfman
    Real Name: Jennifer Mary Butala
  • Elton John 11 of 25
    Elton John
    Real Name: Reginald Dwight
  • Charlie Sheen 12 of 25
    Charlie Sheen
    Real Name: Carlos Irwin Estevez
  • Courtney Love 13 of 25
    Courtney Love
    Real Name: Courtney Michelle Harrison
  • Garth Brooks 14 of 25
    Garth Brooks
    Real Name: Troyal Garth Brooks
  • Whoopi Goldberg 15 of 25
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Real Name: Caryn Johnson
  • Luke Perry 16 of 25
    Luke Perry
    Real Name: Coy Luther Perry III
  • Nicholas Cage 17 of 25
    Nicholas Cage
    Nicholas Coppola
  • Elvis Costello 18 of 25
    Elvis Costello
    Real Name: Declan Patrick McManus
  • Antonio Banderas 19 of 25
    Antonio Banderas
    Real Name: Jose Antonio Dominguez Bandera
  • Sigourney Weaver 20 of 25
    Sigourney Weaver
    Real Name: Susan Alexandra Weaver
  • Marc Anthony 21 of 25
    Marc Anthony
    Real Name: Marco Antonio Muñiz
  • Julie Andrews 22 of 25
    Julie Andrews
    Real Name: Julia Elizabeth Wells
  • Jon Bon Jovi 23 of 25
    Jon Bon Jovi
    Real Name: John Bongiovi
  • Bruce Willis 24 of 25
    Bruce Willis
    Real Name: Walter Willis
  • Natalie Portman 25 of 25
    Natalie Portman
    Real Name: Natalie Hershlag

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