MGM Grand: Undercover Boss MGM Grand President Should Stick To His Day Job! (VIDEO)

mgm grand undercover boss
Undercover Boss Features MGM Grand President

Last night’s episode of Undercover Boss took us to Las Vegas, and featured MGM Grand President and COO, Scott Sibella working the casino tables instead of running the company. Scott Sibella went undercover as “Paul”, a new employee who had just been hired by the MGM Grand.

Scott Sibella lives a pretty cush life in Vegas with his family. Shots of them at their home showed a pool and basketball court, and Scott pulled up to his office driving a Ferrari. I’m guessing they aren’t exactly hurting for cash these days. Going on Undercover Boss was quite a switch for him, that’s for sure!

Four people wound up in charge of training “Paul” on everything from running the front desk of the hotel to blackjack dealing. As you can see from the video clip below, the roulette wheel definitely isn’t Scott Sibella’s forte. He should probably stick to his day job!

Before the big reveal at the end of Undercover Boss, Scott said that he’d never worked as hard as he did as “Paul.” He also told his family that they were going to start staying in cheap motels when they traveled from here on out. Somehow I’m just not buying that one.

Once Scott revealed his true identity to the four employees, he told each of them how impressed he was with their work. He gave gifts to all four of them in the form of charity donations and vacations.

Did you watch Undercover Boss last night? What did you think of MGM Grand President Scott Sibella?

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