Miami Heiress Leaves More Money to Dogs Than Her Son


Conchita is one lucky chihuahua!  The stylish pup, who enjoys spa treatments and dons diamonds, became a very rich canine when his owner Gail Posner died in March at age 67. Conchita and two other dogs inherited the right to live in Posner’s seven-bedroom, $8.3 million Miami Beach mansion, their lavish lifestyle ensured by a $3 million trust fund.

Except there’s a problem: the deceased woman’s only child, Bret Carr (understandably) has a problem with this.

He was only left $1 million. Not that she wasn’t generous with other humans. Seven of her bodyguards, housekeepers and other assistants were bequeathed a total of $26, and some also were allowed to live, rent-free, in the mansion to care for the dogs.

Carr’s relationship with his mother was rocky, but he says they had a close relationship during “the sober phases of her life.” He also says she told him that he would inherit her entire estate. Can you imagine being at the reading of that will? Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

Carr, a screenwriter, filed a lawsuit, claiming his mother’s advisers conspired to manipulate her wishes. I don’t think his accusations include the dogs. They are just lucky bystanders in the whole affair.


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