Michael Bolton Dancing With the Stars: Are the Judges Getting Too Mean?

michael bolton dancing with the stars
Michael Bolton "Dancing With the Stars" elimination: Were judges fair?

Did the producers tell the “Dancing with the Stars” judges to be a little more Simon Cowell, a lot less Paula Abdul? After Michael Bolton’s “Dancing With the Stars” elimination, everyone was abuzz over how disrespectfully the judges treated the musical icon. Yes, his arms looked glued to his sides and he has surprisingly little rhythm for a singer, for gosh sakes.

But the judges were unnecessarily catty toward a man who was clearly trying; being rhythmically challenged is not a choice. And they were mean to other contestants as well not critical. Mean. Clearly they forgot what mom taught them about not saying anything if they don’t have anything nice to say.

Telling 76-year-old Florence Henderson that she looked like “Driving Miss Daisy?” That was totally out of line. She’s 76. Repeat that again 76. If she does anything more than sway, she gets 10s in my book, and she actually gave a great performance.

At times last season it seemed the judges were also trying to be edgier to draw ratings, maybe? It was like they decided beforehand which contestants to gang up on. I mean, when you’re telling Nicole Scherzinger that her performance was anything less than perfect, you are grasping.

What do you think have the judges turned into bullies? Sound off below.

Photo: Wikipedia