Michael Brea: Every Mother's Worst Nightmare

michael brea
Ugly Betty Actor Michael Brea Takes Own Mother's Life

Michael Brea is an actor who worked on the hit TV show, Ugly Betty, and unfortunately, Michael Brea has also proven himself to be every mother’s worst nightmare.

Michael Brea supposedly snapped, lost complete control, and took his own mother’s life. NYPD found Michael Brea’s mother in her apartment and she had suffered multiple stab wounds, and was deceased.

Michael Brea was also at the scene of the crime, and a taser was used to subdue him. He was holding a Bible, and just before the crime happened, a neighbor heard him chasing his mother through her apartment while reciting Bible passages. The neighbor then heard “a loud scream” and the police were called.

This is an extremely sad and tragic story. There is no indication of what would’ve caused Michael to do such a thing to his own mother.

Michael Brea has not officially been charged with a crime.


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