Michael Douglas Fights Throat Cancer: Other Celebs Who Did the Same


Michael Douglas, 65, is being very open about his fight with Stage 4 throat cancer, and people around the world are hoping he wins the battle and are wishing his family well. Douglas isn’t the only celebrity to face this frightening diagnosis. Many other celebrities have suffered from this throat cancer as well, many losing their lives way too early, and some leaving behind spouses and children:

Karl Mueller of Soul Asylum died just shy of his 42nd birthday.

Humphrey Bogart passed away at 57. He had two children with wife Lauren Bacall.

Sammy Davis Jr, succumbed to the disease at 64. He was a father of four.

George Harrison of the Beatles was diagnosed in 1997, then faced a lung tumor and died in 2001 at age 58. He had a son Dhani.

Anne Ramsey of Throw Momma from the Train passed away at 58.

Lana Turner died at age 74. She had one daughter, Cheryl. Turner, who was married multiple times famously said: “My goal was to have one husband and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around.”

Babe Ruth passed away at 53. He had two daughters.

Charlie Watts (lets end on a positive note!) of the Rolling Stones was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004. The cancer is now in remission.

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