Michael Douglas Talks Throat Cancer on David Letterman, with Video


Michael Douglas on David LettermanMichael Douglas talks candidly about his throat cancer diagnosis and treatment in this Late Show with David Letterman video clip.

Douglas is in his first week of radiation and chemotherapy; it’s an eight week regimen, but he’s very optimistic about the outcome.

Letterman notes that Michael Douglas has never looked better and comments that he doesn’t sound like he has throat cancer. Douglas jokes that it’s “because I’m on stage.”

Michael Douglas had a really sore throat early in the summer but tests did not indicate anything, and he and his family had a wonderful time traveling to Spain and Russia.

Three weeks ago, Douglas found out he has stage 4 throat cancer, but he puts his odds of survival at 80%.

Michael speaks some about chemotherapy and nausea, saying it knocks you out hard, burns your mouth and makes it difficult to swallow. His upbeat attitude shines through, as he comments that cancer treatment will cut into his promotional tour of Wall Street 2.

David Letterman wants to help in some way, and the two guys hug it out. And I seriously started crying.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Michael!

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