Michael Grimm America's Got Talent Shocking Winner: Did Grimm Win Because of His Story? (Video)

michael grimm america's got talent winner shocking win
Michael Grimm, America's Got Talent's surprise winner

Michael Grimm as America’s Got Talent‘s winner was a shocker, right? But did Michael Grimm win because of his story?

America’s Got Talent had, I think, a pretty shocking outcome, and that’s not to knock Michael Grimm’s talent at all, but for pure talent plus Vegas compatibility, it looked like Prince Poppycock or Fighting Gravity would have been the better fit. I’m not surprised that the very talented Jackie Evancho didn’t win she’s a kid, and while America seemed to adore her, that has to factor into the big picture of how well a kid fits into the Vegas show landscape.

Some are questioning whether Michael Grimm’s story helped him win America’s Got Talent. Yes, he’s talented, but you can’t say that his hard knocks story didn’t factor into the voting, pulling at America’s heartstrings just a little bit?

Michael Grimm probably needed this win more than any of the other acts, and it will definitely help his family (seriously, how cute are his grandparents?) and his career… so Grimm fans really pulled through for him.

Do you think America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm deserved the title? Did you think it was a shocking outcome, given the more unique acts like Prince Poppycock and Fighting Gravity?

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