Michael J Fox Making A Miraculous Recovery?!


michael-j-fox-familyThe aughties have been hard on Michael and his family — to say the least. But after battling Parkinson’s disease for more than ten years, he appears to be on the comeback trail. Not only is Michael taking family trips to Disneyland these days (where he was able to ride all the wildest rides), MJF reportedly has a backlog of Hollywood projects in the pipeline as well as a 3rd book.

According to what a family friend told the Enquirer:

“His condition has improved incredibly… Tracy and the kids kept him going during his worst times. And believe me, there were some very bleak days. But that’s what makes this rebound all the more joyous. Michael takes nothing for granted and lives for the moment.”

Michael’s third book, entitled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Future — Lessons from a High School Dropout,” is due out in April and is expected to be a bit of a coming out party for the semi-retired actor.


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