Michael Jackson Haunting Perez Hilton's Twitter Page?



Is the ghost of MJ getting revenge for all the mean things that Perez said about the King of Pop over the years? Apparently, after the controversial post in which Perez accused MJ of faking a medical emergency, Perez lost about 1 million followers on Twitter.

Days after the snarky, supposedly controversial post (which is pretty much PH’s bread and butter), Perez’s Twitter site has yet to recover from the backlash (not that there’s any lack of activity).

According to Mediabistro:

“Jackson fans and general Hilton haters/don’t carers started a Twitter hash tag #unfollowperez. When the trend started, Hilton had 1.8 million followers on Twitter. As of this morning, it’s down 800,000.”

Honestly, I don’t find Perez’s accusations to be all that out of line themselves. It’s really just the fact that you should never make fun of a dead guy immediately following his demise. Especially on the internet, especially when he’s got children… yeah. It’s just basic manners101.

Lucky for Perez, the firestorm of controversy about the true biological parents of MJ’s children has taken all attention away from his dumb comments.

FYI, to the bane of those who had hoped that the King of Pop would somehow knock the self-proclaimed “Queen of all Media” out of business, he’s back up to just over 1 million followers today.