Michael Jackson Prepares Prince Michael To Inherit The Throne



What’s it like having the King of Pop as a father? Apart from the creepy masks and botched plastic surgery, there are some very real benefits – like one-on-one vocal coaching.

Michael Jackson is reportedly teaching Prince Michael to sing and perform. Will he be able to follow in his father’s footsteps?

An Jacko insider tell In Touch Weekly:

“Michael has been voice-coaching him and asked to do a duet with Prince on his tour.”

“They’ve been working on a track.”

If anybody happens to catch one of these performances, please, please, by all mean share your reviews about MJ’s pre-teen protege. Or, even better, capture it on video and put it up on YouTube. The celebrity parenting universe would be eternally grateful.

Are the other Jackson children getting secretly trained in the way of pop as well? Perhaps we’ll see another Jackson family pop ensemble?