Michael Jackson Stole The Cure For Herpes?


michael-jackson-cause-of-deathWow, I didn’t think there was a real cure for herpes, but apparently there is, and Michael Jackson stole it.

He just had his fingers in all kinds of pies didn’t he?

This guy, Erie Bonnie, is suing the Michael Jackson estate for stealing the cures for things like: herpes, acne and arthritis.  This of course was after someone in the Jackson family came to his street and shot a pistol in the air.

Did they go to his house and threaten him? No, they turned their car around in the neighbors driveway and drove away. Yikes, I’m shaking.

This guy must know that Michael Jackson is going to be the best selling artist next year and wanted to get in on the action. Those poor kids, they are going to have to deal with crazies forever.