Michael Jackson's Death Grinds Web To A Halt



The Internet all but came to a screeching halt earlier today when the news broke of Michael Jackson’s death.

The news of the 50-year-old pop star being rushed to hospital began the frenzy and reportedly millions of people were wanting to know what was going on with his health.

Numerous websites were reporting the singer’s death (including ours) and celebrities started tweeting after hearing the news.  His death was confirmed at 3:15 local time (Los Angeles).

Traffic volume online halted many websites, including Famecrawler (as we experienced brief technical difficulties).  Goes to show you that despite not being in the music spotlight for numerous years, Jackson is and will always be a musical icon.

“Anything to do with Michael Jackson is still a big story,” one TMZ editor told Fox News.

As great or iconic as the public may have thought Michael Jackson was, there are three young people who only knew him as “dad” and now they are left with such sadness.


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