Michael Jackson's Family To Hide His Sperm Samples


michael-jackson-flowers-boySometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Word has it that that Jackson family has learned that the King of Pop actually donated sperm last year, as he was considering a 4th child. Now, the sample could be a major liability if it were ever to be leaked (pardon the pun).

As the story goes (which could of course be fiction itself), the Jackson family is sending the samples to a super secure UK depository, in order to ensure that there can be no future “heirs” to the MJ fortune.

Says friend Mark Lester:

“Michael always talked about having six children.

It is quite possible that he would have wanted to have samples saved for him, it makes sense.”

After the parade of weirdos that has appeared claiming to be MJ’s children, or the biological parents of MJ’s children — I’d say that the family has a legitimate concern over the security of these samples.

Considering the value of MJ’s estate long-term, there’s significant motivation for a crazy person to steal the samples and try to have another MJ baby through IVF.

Still, if this rumor was true, why wouldn’t the family just destroy the samples. That’s really only air tight way to shut the door on future siblings for Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket.